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Our Story

An old-world winery, with a new generation feel

Inspired by Grandpa’s Legacy

Our story begins with Tysha’s grandfather, Glennallyn, and his vine collecting hobby that created his vision for the very first vineyard in Penticton. By smuggling 100% pure clones from Europe in his now infamous suitcase, he brought his family a gift of beautiful, high-quality grapes, for the burgeoning Okanagan wine culture.

Unfortunately, Glennallyn’s winery vision was unable to come to fruition during his lifetime, but his passion was taken up by his daughter, Teresa Murray, and now almost 45 years later, the family-owned wine obsession continues on with his granddaughter, Tysha Pope. In his memory, our first wine produced was named Glennallyn, to honor this amazing man.

Today, the rich histories of both vine root and family have created our stand-alone Okanagan wine experience, where you can enjoy our unique, award-winning wines, right here in the Okanagan Valley.

45 Years of Making Pour Decisions



Glennallyn Murray
1970 – 1999

He wanted to be an opera singer, he was also a dancer with white shoes … so he was available to dance with anyone!!



Grandpa’s Suitcase

Well hidden in his suitcase was many vines to be brought back to Canada to put in his growing vineyard

Smuggler s daughter arrt only

Teresa Murray

1999 – 2019

Took grandpa’s vision and made it legal by taking us out of the bootleggers business (but she still loves moonshines, so maybe she actually picked up where grandpa left off!)



Heritage Wine

Heritage is our very own Okanagan meritage, a red Bordeaux- style wine with a “ noble” grape class of high quality.


Tysha (Murray) Pope

2019 – ?

They started her off by dipping her soother in wine, so I guess it was only inevitable that she would take over the winery

Sweet Child of Wine

45 years later, and with great enthusiasm, Tysha Pope continues her family’s heritage in the wine industry by honouring the entrepreneurial spirit of her now infamous grandfather and mother, and is proud to be continuing the family legacy by incorporating her own innovative ideas!

Wine Club

When you join our wine club today, you’ll get a customizable, quarterly delivery of 6 of our wines, first pick of our new releases and limited edition vintages, complimentary tasting fees, first access to our exciting events, and 15% off of all orders, including your quarterly delivery, and our new releases and limited edition vintages.

Where There’s a Wine, There’s a Way

Have some questions for the Crescent Hill team? We’ve got answers (most of the time, anyways.) Feel free to share your favourite wine pun with us when you call!

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